This you can do with Virtualoon

What is Virtualoon and what can I do with it?

Virtualoon is a software to create your own virtual mock-ups to show customers how the design will look like and at the same time helps you planning your work and balloon order. Virtualoon provides you with several tools to quickly create your designs. Whether you use the design tool; Plus, X Wall, Column Wall or Star Point Wall Creator; Arch, Flat Arch, Column, Circle or Garland Creator or the Matrix Tool, you will be able to create a design with just a few clicks.

Virtualoon includes several templates as for example different patterns for arches, columns and garlands as well as other, more complicated designs. Some of these templates are made by the Virtualoon team and can be accessed for free if you are a paying member, whereas other templates can be purchased from our Lifetime Members.

You can find Qualatex, Betalatex, Gemar and Anagram balloons in the balloon menu along with different frames, Nikoloon mosaic frames and the AeroPole System. The menu also includes ribbons, bows, stuffer balloons, strings, NOT lamps, weights and more. You can add background pictures and load .png files of your own designs (please check the tutorial to see how it works).

The arch tool, arch tool 5 clusters, flat arch tool, garland tool, garland tool 5 clusters, column wall tool, circle tool and column tool, column tool 5 clusters and square column tool give you a list of the clusters you need to make to create the design with balloons. This gives you the opportunity to show your employees or helpers what they have to do. The plus wall and X wall creator gives you the opportunity to show/hide horizontal and/or vertical lines as well as fill and/or cross duplets. This visualizes the lines and duplets to make your design.

All balloons, frames and everything else we offer you in Virtualoon automatically adjusts to the size of the workspace.

No installation is necessary because Virtualoon is web based. All you need is Google Chrome as your web browser (other web browsers do not support all the features offered in Virtualoon) and a mouse to scroll in the balloon palette.

What our happy customers say about Virtualoon

"Thank you so much! This software is SO much fun and just plain awesome."

"First of all thank you so much for taking the time to help me I have never had that before from a software company :)"

Virtualoon has saved me time and money. Its a fabulous program.

Virtualoon is fabulous!

I love Virtualoon. It is so good to have the ability to do mockups. My first mockup was not very good. The client asked for an arch. I offered to send the mock-up, the said yes, I sent the mockup with an arch and 6 columns. I got a return email within 20 minutes booking the whole job.

Love it! Thank you for your hard work.

The best developers ever. Responsive and fantastic

I'm loving selling things with Virtualoon. I am a kids entertainer and occasional balloon decorator and I have never been able to get Mothers day orders....I've made pictures with Virtualoon and put them on my facebook page over the last two weeks and suddenly I have 14 orders for Mothers day!

Yay I took nearly $200 today(second day trading post full lockdown- I'm a kids entertainer in NZ ) with help from Virtualoon

First time using Virtualoon. Had to update our design sheets and it just made the whole process a lot easier and quicker! Everyone's happy with how they have turned out!

I just wanted to say a huge thanks to Anja for having such a great product! I sell a lot of helium balloon bunches and virtuloon has saved me sooooo much time! I used to have customers wanting to come and discuss what they want or multiple emails, messages etc... Now that I have a huge variety of predesigned bunches on my website I now have very little of this type of communication, people are choosing from the virtuloon designs. It has saved me so much time!

What You Can Do With Virtualoon

Please click on the links to watch the YouTube videos

  • Create your own designs with the Design Tool
  • Make Hex and Grids with or without overlay
  • Shape your Hex and Grids Matrix
  • Create a circle with the Circle Tool by typing in the radius and choosing a color.
  • Create Plus Wall with a few clicks
  • Create X Wall with a few clicks
  • Just enter the amount of columns and the height, choose a balloon and with one click you have your Column Wall created
  • Create Star Point Wall with a few clicks
  • Create Arch, Column and Garland with 4 or 5 clusters with a few clicks
  • Create Flat Arch with a few clicks
  • Create Square Column with a few clicks
  • Create Yard Art with our yard art signs
  • Get a list of the balloons you used in your designs (not available for the Matrix Tool yet) giving you the picture of the balloon, amount, manufacturer, type and order number
  • Break apart your X and + Walls you created with the X and + Wall Creator to see the horizontal and vertical lines as well as the fill and cross duplets. You can choose what you would like to see. You can also save it as a .png file to use this later when you build the wall
    YouTube Tutorial with captions on how to break apart an X and + Wall.
  • Get the clusters for every single column in the Column Wall Tool
  • Get a cluster list for the Arch (cluster of 4 or 5), Column (cluster of 4 or 5), Garland (cluster of 4 or 5), Square Arch and Flat Arch Tool. Save this cluster list as a .png file and use it later when you build the design
  • Save your design as a .vir file and continue working on it later
  • Load your Virtualoon designs (.vir file) to continue working on them
  • Add a background picture to your design
  • Save your design as a .png file to send it to your customer for example
  • Load your own .png files of designs you made into the Virtualoon Workspace
  • Create a color button to change balloons with the same color with one drag & drop
  • Size the balloons in your design and duplicate it . Note: You cannot make them bigger as they are originally and you can't change the size of foil balloons and bubbles
  • Rotate or flip the balloons or objects in your design
  • Change the layer of a balloon
  • Easily change a balloon in your design, for example from green to red
  • See the manufacturer, size and order number of a balloon in your design when you hover
  • Duplicate or multiply a balloon
  • Change the layer of a balloon
  • Use our templates (for paying members only)
  • Sell your templates (Lifetime Members only)
  • Purchase templates from our Lifetime Members (for paying members only)
  • Create mosaic frames with the frames made by
  • See the front and the back of your design while your work on it
  • Use our Balloon Menu Templates
  • Calculate your Garlands, Arches and more with our Calculator. Type in the length of the Garland, the size of the balloons and you will get the amount of the balloons you need. Note: This calculation is based on the calculation Qualatex uses and varies from the amount you will get when you use the Garland Creator as this considers that balloons are tighter together in an arch, garland and column
  • Work with all the frames, Ikea NOT lamps, ribbons, stings, weights and bows and more
  • Add our person icon to your design to give your customer an impression of the measurements

What You Cannot Do With Virtualoon

  • Break apart a wall you uploaded as a .png file
  • Create a balloon list of a design you uploaded as a .png file
  • Create a cluster list of a design you uploaded as a .png file
  • Change colors or edit an uploaded .png file besides sizing the entire design
  • Save a design as a png INCLUDING the background picture

Coming Soon

  • Select multiple balloons
  • Edit more than one balloon at a time (move, delete, rotate, etc.)
  • See the retail price while you make your design
  • Order the balloons you need for your design with just one click
  • The world's largest database of balloons from several manufacturers
  • Will go 3D in the future* (No date set for this yet)
    *because of the immense costs involved in this there will be an upcharge when it becomes available

Who is behind Virtualoon

Virtualoon is a balloon software that gives balloon artists and balloon decorators the platform to create their own designs and helps spare time and money by creating mockups virtually. Virtualoon is a project of Peter Sersch and his wife Anja Sersch. Peter does all the coding and Anja is responsible for the tutorials, the website and support.
The software is released under ColorHex LLC, Peter's and Anja's company in the USA.

How to get Virtualoon

Virtualoon is membership based. We have different kinds of memberships. As soon as you signed up for Virtualoon you open the link in Google Chrome, log in and you are ready to work with Virtualoon.

These are the available membership options

Lifetime Investor Membership

A Lifetime Investor Membership is exactly what it sounds like, valid for a lifetime!
This includes:

  • All Updates
  • All future add-ons
  • Full Support with priority
  • Access to our Lifetime Member E-mail address which has a higher priority
  • Access to the Lifetime Member Facebook Group
  • Access to the Calculator Tool
  • Access to the templates available in Virtualoon
  • Ten .png files of own designs will be sized and prepared to be able to load them into Virtualoon
  • You can sell your designs made with Virtualoon to other Virtualoon members without paying any fee to us. Every payment will go straight into your PayPal account. This is exclusively for Lifetime Members
  • Free webinars

The Lifetime Investor Membership is a one time fee of USD 500

To sign up for the Lifetime Investor Membership please CLICK HERE

Yearly Gold Membership

You sign up for one year with an automatic renewal of your membership.
This includes:

  • All Updates
  • Future add-ons can be purchased
  • Support
  • Access to the Calculator Tool
  • Access to the templates available in Virtualoon
  • 10% off for webinars

The Yearly Gold Membership is USD 100 per year
To sign up for the Yearly Gold Membership please click here

Monthly Gold Membership

You sign up for one month with an automatic renewal of your membership.
This includes:

  • All Updates
  • Future add-ons can be purchased
  • Support
  • Access to the Calculator Tool
  • Access to the templates available in Virtualoon
  • 10% off for webinars

The Monthly Gold Membership is USD 10 per month
To sign up for the Monthly Gold Membership please click here

7 Days Free Trial

You sign up for 7 Days Free Trial. No payment information necessary. This membership ends automatically after seven days.
This includes:

  • All Updates
  • No Support - but we do answer short question
  • No access to the Calculator Tool
  • No access to the templates available in Virtualoon
  • Balloon pictures are watermarked

The 7 Days Free Trial is free of charge
To sign up for the 7 Days Free Trial please click here

Companies that support us

If you are a balloon manufacturer or producer/sell balloon accessories and want to have your products available in Virtualoon please contact us.

You are a balloon artist and would like to share some pictures of your designs in Virtualoon and sell the tutorial for this design? For more information please contact us.

Get in Touch

You have questions about Virtualoon? Please contact us.

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